Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

freetalk :D

Long time no see buddy, I think it’s good time for talk about everything in my life. 3 weeks after since my last post in this blog. okey, let's start writing. this is saturday night, really quite here. I'm still in 'padepokan', ah, I will tell you a good news. the first is progress from lemon tea comic, last night I got fifteen pages.  I think it's so awesome,because 4 days before last night my mood getting worse. overal in chapter 3,  I talk about mujix daily life. yeah, I make a new movement for the story. I Hope in october 2012, we can meet in my exhibition. it's usually  fase, more people called 'life disorientation'. the reason is simple (but fatefull thing) i'm 23 years age now, and I'm still not complete my college this time. sometime this thing make me down and loss good mood.aah, maybe this post will seems bad if I just talk about my grumble.

3 hours ago i'm in Balai Soejatmoko for a little movie screening event. me with my mate Arumania, we make a simple stand up comedy in this event. oh, sorry I correct my statemen, no person in their event make comedy, we just talk about the event with our weird stlye. probably a lot of people think our perfom it's really not funny anymore, but me and arum just participate and have fun (and for mujix, it's can be a good lesson for practice his public speech). in general, this event is really cool, mujix and arum have a good activities tonight.hey, you forget something jix? aaah I know, I remember one thing, my mustache grow again.

hahaha, the weird face is coming today. anyway, this is his first post in english, so if you find weird grammer, word, term and everything, please give advice and criticism for this curly guy. so, for the last, keep smiling and stay cool:D

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